About Carbuna

CARBUNA AG develops, produces and markets bio-active systems, biochar and bioenergy.

Bioactive systems replace mineral fertilizers and drugs in animal farming.

Biochar is used as a carrier medium for bioactive systems and due to its physical and chemical properties it is also an innovation driver for new products in various industries such as construction, cement, metallurgy, medicine, pharmaceuticals and others.

Bioenergy is produced during the manufacturing process of biochar in the form of heat and electricity.

The customer benefits of bioactive systems are higher yields, better quality and independence of polluting processes and products.

An increasing demand for environmentally sustainable products

There is a general shift towards organic products, which CARBUNA AG takes advantage of and is actively promoting. In the context of progressive climate change, population growth and the increasing demand for environmentally sustainable products, we are positioned with a holistic offer, a generic competence and solid expertise.

CARBUNA offers industrial-scale products and systems with certified quality in a variety of markets. We develop scientific approaches further and optimize existing technologies to allow mass-market usage.


CARBUNA is a problem-solver

  • at the input stage, by returning biomass to the natural cycle instead of disposing it or letting it rotin
  • in energy production, by using excess heat and gases generated during the production process
  • at the output stage, by offering a diverse range of purely organic and natural products, initially in agriculture and later in other sectors
  • to reduce climate change, by extracting CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it in biochar and through bio-active systems, which reduce the 25 times more harmful methane gases in animal farming