Our products do not just counteract the effects of greenhouse gases. They specifically help farmers in reducing their dependence on environmentally hazardous processes with a simultaneous improvement in product quality and yield.


Organic fertilization with the Amino Comp System

AND – Liquid fertilizer
A natural care plants and the activation of the nutrient dynamic are the focus of the Amino Comp System. The liquid amino acid fertilizer (AND)  provides a simple and quick solution.

The combination of organic nutrients and the metabolic activity of Bio Active Microorganisms creates rapidly available nutrient mineral compounds. Plants can easily absorb these, resulting in healthyand vigorous plant growth.

Long-term Fertilizer with humus development : Amino Terra Substrate

ATS – Biochar fertilizer
Humus development and the vitalization of cultivated soils lead to sustainable and healthy plant growth.
CARBUNA ATS ( Amino Terra Substrate ) connects ancient knowledge with modern technology.

ATS is a combination of biochar as a supplier of organic carbon, AND as a supplier of organic nutrients and microorganisms. With its spongy structure the biochar serves as a long term humidity controller and nutrient store. ATS ( Amino Terra Substrate ) replaces conventional NPK fertilizers, can be used for the regeneration of soils, helps humus development and increases yields of weak soils.

soil improvement

Soil improvement and forage crops

Many agricultural soils are now severely damaged by intensive farming and generate poor yields. By using the products CARBUNA ATS , BAM and AND these floors can be systematically rebuilt so that plants develop optimally on a living soil.

ATS ( Amino Terra Substrate )

Consisting of biochar, nutrients and microorganisms CARBUNA ATS provides your soil with nutrients, stores water and is beneficial to small and useful micro-organisms in the ground.

CARBUNA ATS contains a readily available, biological fertilizer as nutrient humus, as well as serving as a permanent humus, which remains for many decades. CARBUNA ATS replaces conventional NPK fertilizers, can be used for regeneration degraded soils, helps humus development and increases yields of weak soils.

AND ( Amino Nutrient Dynamic Fertilizer )

CARBUNA AND is made of natural organic nutrients and Bio Active Microorganisms. The plant gets natural amino acids that can easily be absorbed. Therefore Carbuna AND fertilizes very efficiently and economically and ensures healthy and vigorous plant growth.

BAM (Bio Active Microorganisms)

Pure BAM should be applied regularly to revaccinate soils with positive microorganisms in order to maintain the optimal effect of CARBUNA ATS.

stable hygiene

A positive impact on animal habitats

A high ammonia concentration in the air creates difficult conditions in many stables and permanently impacts animal and human wellbeing. The origins of these harmful gases are mostly unfavorable microbial conditions which cause slurry, bedding and feed residues to negatively decompose and rott.

By specifically influencing the microbial environment, these processes can be redirected, resulting in significantly improved climates.

BAM (Bio Active Microorganisms)

Through the regular use of the positive microorganisms in CARBUNA BAM, neutral microorganisms ( bacteria followers ) are positively influenced and the negative minority is displaced.

The metabolic products of the positive microorganisms ( such as organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins ) help to suppress rotting and harmful pathogens. This binds ammonia and leads to significant odor reduction.

BAK (Bio Active Char)

CARBUNA BAK is colonized with CARBUNA BAM. As a natural regulator, this product improves the environmental conditions of standing and lying areas in stables significantly. BAK litter contributes to a healthy climate and also binds valuable organic materials, which can be used later on manure or dung.

slurry improvement

Using a valuable resource better

Slurry is a valuable raw material, which plays an important role in the farming cycle. However, its usage is often complicated by a lack of fluidity and intense odors. CARBUNA products offer a simple solution here.

BAK (Bio Active Char)

CARBUNA BAK binds many nutrients from manure which usually tend to volatilize. This significantly reduces odors and keeps these valuable substances available for use.

BAK also contains Bio Active Microorganisms, which suppress negative microorganisms and rotting as well as reducing odors. Manure treated with BAK becomes a highly effective long-term fertilizer.

The BAM portion also causes a positive effect on the microbial communities in the slurry so that solids are broken down quicker and the fluidity is improved.

BAM (Bio Active Microorganisms)

In particularly thick, non-homogeneous slurry, pure CARBUNA BAM can be used to enhance the effect further.