Naturally strong and healthy plants

Only healthy plants can produce good food. A balanced nutrient supply of the plant is a prerequisite for stable growth. Since plants absorb all the nutrients from the soil and eliminate numerous materials through the roots again, the soil can be characterised as the feeding and digesting system of the plant, comparable to the human gut.

All types of plant residues are converted into humus through a dynamic cycle of decomposition of organic matter; a fertile soil is created. A good, lively soil, in which many living organisms live in a close symbiotic relationship to create organic substances, is the basic condition for fertile plant growth.

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How to improve the nutrient dynamics


Soil preparation with biochar (Terra Preta principle)

Made from wood, grass, corn, hedges, pruning, etc. biochar acts as a long-term storage for nutrients and water and enriches the soil.


Soil enrichment with Bio Active Microorganisms

A soil conditioner consisting of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi that adds fresh life to the soil. This creates a positive humus environment that encourages other bacteria and fungi to provide their useful properties to the farming environment.


Soil enrichment with amino acids

Amino acids include all relevant nutrients for healthy growth and optimal nutrient dynamics.