Amino Terra Substrate (ATS)

CARBUNA ATS – Amino Terra Substrate – is a rapidly available and long-acting fertilizer from natural ingredients. CARBUNA ATS turns every soil into a fertile, vibrant black soil. The Biochar in CARBUNA ATS is a living system full of nutrients , populated by billions positive microorganisms.

How ATS works


CARBUNA ATS is a long-term fertilizer. It is added once a year to the soil until the soil has an optimal quality. Once the perfect ratio of CARBUNA ATS and organic matter is achieved, CARBUNA ATS maintains itself by acting as a catalyst to stabilize more organic matter in the soil.
A proven combination of positive bacteria and fungi enters a symbiosis with the plant root. This feeds and strengthens the plant. To maintain this positive microbiological state, it is sometimes necessary to add CARBUNA BAM to the soil. CARBUNA ATS is an excellent water and nutrient store. This helps avoid puddles in winter and in the summer, the plants are more protected from drying out. Amino Terra Substrate replaces conventional NPK fertilizers with amino acid fertilizer. Plants absorb nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium better when they are provided in a natural form as amino acids. Therefore CARBUNA AND is an important part of CARBUNA ATS and should, depending on nutritional needs, be used for post-fertilization.

Application and dosage


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Use CARBUNA ATS as nutrient humus

add 0.5 kg CARBUNA ATS per square meter and year and mulch with grass or similar.

Use CARBUNA ATS as permanent humus

As a permanent humus CARBUNA ATS remains stable for many years in the ground and supports the ground without diminishing.

Application: Deploy directly into the ground under a layer of mulch or spread evenly and work into the soil. Protect from dehydration. To obtain a catalyst effect, so that Amino Terra Substrate can regrow, CARBUNA ATS must have a 2 % share of the organic substance. First, the organic matter in the soil has to be measured. Independent laboratories offer such measurements. You can roughly calculate the required CARBUNA ATS dosage with the following formula:


For examples see the following table:

SHARE ORGANIC SUBSTANCERequired ATS Qty (kg/m2)Required ATS Qty (to/ha)
1 %0,727,2
3 %2,1621,6
5 %3,6036,0

CARBUNA ATS can also be mixed with plant substrates; Add 10 % to 15 % of the total weight.

Bokashi add-on:

Add 10 % CARBUNA ATS to your Bokashi.

Fertilizing effect:

Amino- Terra substrate contains all necessary nutrients for low- and medium -consuming cultures in the amino acid Depot. For high-consuming cultures such as tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, etc., we recommend an additional fertilization with CARBUNA AND several times a year.


Product sizes and order details

DescriptionSKUContainerWEIGHT (NET)
CARBUNA ATS 30 LiterA000002Bag15 kg
CARBUNA ATS 1000 LiterA000008Big Bag500 kg


Additional information

Amino Terra Substrate explained


Despite nutrient-poor forest soils, the natives of South America succeeded over many centuries to supply even large cities with food. This was only possible through the use of the ” Terra Preta do Indio ” black soil. This Terra Preta is different to other black soils due to its origin. It was prepared by people from charcoal and biological waste. Over time, the black soil layer grew up to several feet deep. The value of this soil was recognized in the 20th century and it was sold throughout the world. Only through modern research it was possible to explain the complex biological relationships and the related effects. Terra Preta is now regarded as a potential solution to the world food problem and the climate change.

With CARBUNA ATS, CARBUNA has succeeded in producing a highly effective Terra Preta with modern means.

CARBUNA ATS – Amino Terra Substrate

CARBUNA ATS consists of three components: biochar, microorganisms and nutrients. The basis for CARBUNA ATS is self-produced biochar from untreated fresh wood waste and wood chips. The biochar is used as storage for water, nutrients and microorganisms. The CARBUNA Biochar is produced using a new manufacturing and finishing process and is characterized by a great absorbency and an ideal pH. The particularly open-pore char creates the optimal habitat for numerous positive fungi and bacteria and allows an immediate symbiosis of plant roots with the soil. The highly effective fertilizing effect is caused by the ‘ vitalization ‘ of the biochar, meaning the colonization of bacteria and enrichment with high quality nutrients in the form of amino acids.

CARBUNA ATS contains a readily available, biological fertilizer as nutrient humus, as well as a permanent humus, which can las for centuries.

ATS Ingredients


Carbon ( charcoal ), vegetable waste from food production ( vinasse, sugar cane molasses ), living microorganisms ( lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus casei ), photosynthetic bacteria ( rhodopseudomonas palustris ), yeast ( Saccharomyces cerevisiae ).

Nutrients and minor ingredients

Nutrients and minor ingredients: 

2.4% – N – total nitrogen
3.4% – K2O – total potassium
0.5 % – S – sulfur
52.0 % – Organic matter ( rated as loss on ignition )
Immediately available nitrogen content : 20 % . 80% within 3 – 5 weeks .



Store in a dry, cool place, protected from weather. Use up opened containers quickly because the nutrient contents may change slightly during prolonged storage. This does not affect the products’ effect. Storage and application must avoid any leaking into surface water or groundwater.

Further information: Suitable for all plants. Not suitable for hydroponics. When used in irrigation systems, rinse installation afterwards.

Transport and Storage requirements sheet