Bio Active Microorganisms (BAM)

CARBUNA BAM – Bio Active Microorganisms – is a ready-to-use soil conditioner consisting of naturally occurring bacteria and fungi which were grown in a natural way. This brings fresh life into the soil. This creates a positive humus environment that encourages other bacteria and fungi to liberate their useful properties.

How BAM works


Microorganisms have basically two types of effects, which are called environments: Positive generating and negative decomposing. When these useful microorganisms prevail in the soil, the soil is strengthened and with it the plants growing on it. CARBUNA BAM contains positively acting microorganisms that direct the microbiological environment in the desired direction. Negative degradation processes are thus reduced or prevented.

CARBUNA BAM is universally applicable. In agriculture and in horticulture it is used to steer the microbial environment in the soil. The result is a lively, active and healthy microflora which strengthens the plants and stimulates growth. In livestock farming CARBUNA BAM can be used for nebulization. Animal fur is kept in good condition and unpleasant odors by ammonia and hydrogen sulfide in the barn will be eliminated or don’t even arise.

Application and dosage

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As soil additive:

Add 10 ml per m2 5 to 10 times a year to the soil. Dilute in Water between 1:10 to 1:50 ( BAM to water ).


Can be sprayed directly onto the plant or onto the soil. Deploy in the evenings deploy to avoid direct sunlight after the application.

Slurry treatment:

Dosage: At the beginning, 2 liters of CARBUNA BAM per 1 m2 of fresh slurry. Once the
microbiology has stabilized, 1 liter per 1 m2 is enough.


For stable air atomization:

As an alternative to direct treatment of slurry and to reduce gas and odor in the stable, CARBUNA BAM can be spread by air atomization. The slurry is then treated directly at its source.

Dosage as described in slurry treatment, depending on the volume per day and herd. Ask your distributor about our innovative stable air atomization system for mounting on the feed mixer.


Product sizes and order details

DescriptionSKUContainerWeight (net)
CARBUNA BAM 500 LiterA000018Bag in Box500 kg


Additional information

Bio Active Microorganisms explained

Microorganisms, bacteria and fungi have an important impact on cultivated soils. Science understands only gradually, which extensive effects microorganisms have on each other and all other living things. We must see our soils as living systems. Healthy and sustainable growth is created through the symbiosis of bacteria, fungi and plants. Organisms in the soil feed and protect each other. If we are able to direct the composition and effects of microbiology in agriculture, we can strengthen plants, increase yields and ultimately produce better quality food. With CARBUNA BAM we can already have a large impact on the microbiology in the soil – naturally and without genetic engineering.

Bio Active Microorganisms
CARBUNA BAM consists of lactic acid bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts, and vital nutrients and enzymes in a nutrient solution. The microorganisms are known to positively affect their surroundings. All these microorganisms already exist in nature and are propagated naturally. CARBUNA BAM naturally contains no genetically modified ingredients.

BAM Ingredients

Living microorganisms ( lactic acid bacteria, Photosynthetic bacteria, yeasts ), plant matter from the manufacturing Industry ( sugar cane molasses ), water.

Nutrients and minor ingredients

Nutrients and minor ingredients: 
0.34 % i.d.FM – K2O – total potassium



Store in the dark, frost-free at room temperature ( max . 25 ° C ) . Use within 3 months after the date of manufacture.

Storage and application must avoid any leaking into surface water or groundwater.
Further information:
Serves as vaccination of soils with naturally occurring microorganisms. Suitable for all soils.

Transport and Storage requirements sheet