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The versatility of crops feed us and many other cultures. These foods feed billions of people, but the work of those who grow them is often fairly remunerated. An organic farming in grain production is desirable and requires some rethinking. CARBUNA has some solutions and we continue to work toward this goal.

carrotsapple Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy foods are an important contribution to a healthy society. Abandoning chemicals in agriculture is a step in the right direction. The CARBUNA Amino Comp System offers farmers a professional system for organic fertilization and the sustainable development of a living soil.

grapes Wine

” In vino veritas ” is a Latin phrase meaning “In Wine lies the truth”. Many winegrowers know what it means to work in a natural environment and to apply long-term thinking and acting in order to transform every drop of the precious grapes into a tasteful pleasure.

The more natural the better. This is especially true in the wine industry, due to the close contact humans and animals have with the vines.


cow Livestock

Every creature is precious. A healthy environment, natural feed and the welfare of the animals result in good quality food products. CARBUNA offers solutions for many applications in this area.

horse Horses

Relaxed horses give the owners a lot of joy. A clean environment is the basis for a well-kept stable, less flies and well cared-for animals. CARBUNA BAM has many advantages in this environment.


greenhouse Horticulture

Local supplier or micro farmers – healthy food comes from a healthy soil. The investment in your future is worth it. The CARBUNA Amino Comp System helps achieve this goal.


Urban Farming is not just a trend, it has the potential to close supply gaps in some societies a meaningful and sustainable way. A better understanding of the course of nature helps to provide behavioural changes for new generations. Small-scale organic cultivation of fruit and vegetables has the potential to change the world. CARBUNA contributes its part.